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The most common things I have seen are fouled spark plug, bad gas, or bad battery. Give those a try first. If you still have trouble read on...

The way I start with diagnosing a Chinese scooter is with the acronym F.A.S.T. which stands for Fuel Air Spark Timing.
1. Fuel- is the fuel entering the combustion chamber? You will have to follow the path from where the fuel goes in, to where it comes out. The easiest place to start is by simply starting the scooter a few times, pull off the spark plug and see if the plug smells like gas or is wet. If you have a wet smelly spark plug, proceed to number 2. If it's dry, continue reading. One problem I have seen on low mileage scooters with a non-starting condition is debris from the factory that has clogged the carb. But before you start tearing apart the carb, look at the outside bottom of the fuel tank, there should be a fitting with 2 hoses coming out of it. One provides fuel to your carburetor, the other provides vacuum from the carburetor to the fuel diaphragm located at the bottom of the tank. Take the smaller and more supple of the two hoses off the carb. This is the vacuum line, make sure it's dry and not full of gas, and suck on it a little, do this several times and the diaphragm should start allowing fuel to the carburetor. For the more squeamish, get a syring for measuring oil from the auto parts store and use that to suck on the hose if you don't want you lips getting dirty. Give it a start, if the plug is still dry, pull off the fuel line from the carb and see if fuel is coming out. If fuel comes out, you might have carburetor issues, and that is another question in itself.
2. Air- Air leaks can cause all types of problems, start by making sure the boots from the carb to engine are snug and in place. If their is an air leak in the head or case, you will have to do some further research.
3.Spark- take the plug out, preferably in a space where it's dimmly lit so you can see a spark, in a pinch I have draped my jacket over my head and the engine and checked for spark on the side of the road. Now connect the plug to the plug cap and place it against the metal of the engine and you should see a spark. Nice bright blue. A weak white or no spark at all, start out by replacing the plug. If it still does not work, the most likely culprit is electrical shorts. If you suspect a short, start asking questions about scooter short, or kill switch short.
4.Timing- it is set and fixed on most scooters and it only gets out of whack when someone takes the stator plate off. Highly doubt this is a timing issue.

Motorcycles | Answered 2 hours ago | 28 views

It's a strange coincidence that your scoot started acting up after the transmission fluid change. The transmission on a cvt scooter is separate from the engine internals. I would suspect your 70cc kit is starting to make things act up. I would first check the plug to see if it has been running lean. A really white plug might indicate that you need a richer jet or have a vacuum leak. Second, torque the head studs to the proper spec. The can loosen after run in and need to be retorqued. Lastly, start it up with the rear wheel off the ground. To do this safely put it on the center stand and put the front tire up against a sturdy wall. Give it a good rev. Does it take longer than normal to drop back to idle? If it does, you may be running lean. A quick way to check for vacuum leaks is to spray some carb cleaner around the base of the cylinder and the head and see if your idle increases. Kits are not always the quality of an oem cylinder and the thin metal base gaskets that come with some kits are prone to air leaks. At worst case you could swap on the stock cylinder with some fresh gaskets and see if it does the same thing.

Yamaha... | Answered 3 hours ago | 17 views

If you mean the little tiny micro flashlight the Coleman 200 LUMEN flashlight the bulb can be removed by unscrewing the battery holder from the sleeve and accessing the battery.
There is no such thing as a Colman 200 flashlight.

Motorcycles | Answered 4 hours ago | 16 views

The spring on startr that contacts gears to turn is bad. Buya clymermanual for shopwork. Dont replace more ignition probly ok

2004 Honda CRF... | Answered 9 hours ago | 23 views

Google (gomoto)(C5)(manual) without parens.

Motorcycles | Answered 11 hours ago | 16 views

1971, March 1971 to be exact

Triumph... | Answered 18 hours ago | 45 views

It is highly unlikely the gearbox will mount in a 2003 frame without modifications. The crankcase part number for the '94 is 43860. The '03 number is 36890. Nine years is a wide span and many changes have taken place. Sorry.

2003 Suzuki RM... | Answered 19 hours ago | 242 views

How many wires have you got ........

Suzuki... | Answered Yesterday | 22 views

I use google for plug gaps etc, saves buying a workshop manual especially for a popular bike like a zx6 r,

kawasaki... | Answered Yesterday | 36 views

The brake lever also activates the brake light, their may be a break or short in that wire ( easiest check) and second guess would be the wire which activates the starter,

Vespa... | Answered Yesterday | 17 views

You need 3 thing to fire, air spark and fuel, can you smell fuel at the exhaust tip ? That lets you know you have fuel. Air is a bit trickier to check, but normally it would start or at least fire up and splutter to a stop which would then point to carb needing checked for a blocked jet.

kawasaki... | Answered Yesterday | 24 views

go find a yamaha message board. theyll know. be advised the paint is probably not available anymore

Yamaha... | Answered Yesterday | 19 views

The V-star 1100, much like most Japanese motorcycles, uses engine oil to lubricate the transmission. (The engine and transmission share the same case and lubricant.) Therefore, checking the engine oil and trans oil are one and the same. There is a window that you look in when the bike is standing up straight.
The final drive (drive shaft at the rear wheel) takes Hypoid gear oil, and should be filled to the bottom of the threads on the fill plug.

Yamaha V Star... | Answered Yesterday | 424 views

likely idle mix too lean. But other as well.

Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday | 16 views

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Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday | 18 views

id run some fuel system cleaner through it. cant hurt might help before possibly tearing the carbs out for a good cleaning.

Honda Pacific... | Answered Yesterday | 17 views

have you checked for cylinder compression, spark, fuel etc ?

Motorcycles | Answered Yesterday | 23 views

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