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Did you happen to find small pieces of plastic in the driver's floorboard? If so you unwittingly found the problem. The brake light switch is mounted so its plunger presses against a small plastic insert. The insert is pushed into a hole in the break pedal arm. When the brake is not depressed it rests the the upmost position so when the insert (when intact and unbroken) does the pushing up against the brake light switch plunger. Check the condition of the insert in the brake pedal arm and replace if necessary.

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have you checked for trouble codes out of your list of parts the crankshaft sensor could if faulty cause problem but so could fuel pump fuel circuit cat converter etc just throwing parts and most are evap wont fix problem

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You've taken care of some really good things to check. A sensor would be my bet too. However, you could be dealing with a set of loose connectors, most likely a wiring harness when they changed out your transmission; I'd look where the engine-transmission join, or anyplace they would have had to disconnect wires to get to the transmission. They could have been loosely connected, and have come further apart. Perhaps if you find some loose connections, zip tie it or rubber band it together if the connector is cracked or broken.

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What do you mean , tries to start ? When you turn the key to start what happens ? Starter clicks , starter spins the engine around . Doesn't start an run . ,what ? Now it just so happens that your vehicle does not have a relay switch . Does the car have automatic trans . or manual ? Power from the ignition switch goes through the park neutral position switch to the starter solenoid S terminal for auto trans , An through the clutch pedal position switch for a manual trans .

Your best bet , have a qualified repair shop check it out .

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Your battery is dead. Why it is dead is another investigation. Is it getting charged? If not the alternator could be gone.
Charge the battery, or if it is 6+ years old, replace the battery, charge, and then test.
If it runs ok with a charged battery, but the battery keeps running down, then it is likely the alternator or something in the charging circuit.

OK, now we know you have checked the battery. The door locks not opening and the relay failing to pull up means they are not getting enough juice. So if it's not the battery, then its something else in the electrical system. Because two completely separate systems (locks, starter/relay) are affected, it is something common to both of them. But go ahead and check the fuses anyway. Also check all electrical connections (Battery and other) for corrosion or looseness

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Could just be a loose spark plug wire. Depending on how long it's been sitting animals tend to hide under the hood may have knocked it loose. Drive it to orileys or autozone and they can scan your computer if you have a check engine light on which in my experience with a misfire it sets off the check engine light or your gas could be old also.

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One is the mode switch and the other is the temp control switch. Do this, start the engine then open the hood and listen for a hiss indicating a vacuum leak on the vacuum reservoir or a broken hose going to the heater control the hoses on this vehicle have to be very brittle by now so get some vacuum hose and have at it I think the vacuum reservoir may be mounted to the hood. I hope this helps. Take care. If this isn't it you can use testimonial to contact me with questions.

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The fuel pump circuit was a common cause for this . Any place between the pump and fuse can have a bare spot in the insulation intermittently bumping into metal . I believe the injectors may run on the same circuit so check their wiring also .

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Please elaborate on what you mean by “single setup”

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It will be ok to drive but it would have put the geometry out on the steering which will cause tyre wear.

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I suspect you have a broken clutch drum or stripped splined shaft inside of the transmission. Even if the electronics failed you would still have 2nd, neutral, reverse, and park so the problem is most likely mechanical. Odds are pretty good that the transmission will need to be removed and repaired or replaced.

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Could be bad ignition switch or some other type electrical problem . Knowing how this system works on your vehicle is the key . The ignition switch is a low voltage input to the BCM - body control module . Depending on key position the BCM knows what relays to energize and what messages to send over the GMLAN serial data net work , PCM - engine computer . Hooking up a factory or some other type professional scan tool to view ignition switch inputs to the BCM , an checking for BCM DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes .

Circuit Description
Moving the ignition switch to the START position signals the body control module (BCM) through discrete inputs from the ignition transducer that engine crank has been requested. The BCM verifies that theft is not active and sends a serial data message to the engine control module (ECM)/powertrain control module (PCM) requesting engine start. The ECM/PCM receives a 12-volt signal from the park/neutral position (PNP) switch or clutch pedal start switch notifying that it is safe to start the engine. There is a splice on this circuit in the fuse block-underhood that supplies power for the starter relay coil. The starter relay coil control circuit is then grounded by the ECM/PCM closing the switch in the starter relay suppling 12 volts to the S-terminal of the starter. Ground is supplied through the engine block.

Plus you need to under stand what power modding is , because the BCM is the power mode master . This will sound funny to someone who does not know about automotive electronics .
Serial Data Gateway
The body control module (BCM) in this vehicle functions as a translator between the High and Low speed GMLAN busses. The 2 communication protocols use the BCM to translate communicated serial data messages between the control modules over the 2 serial data busses.
Power Mode Master
This vehicles body control module (BCM) functions as the power mode master (PMM). Refer to Power Mode Description and Operation for a complete description of power mode functions.

Power to many of this vehicle's circuits are controlled by the module that is designated the power mode master (PMM). This vehicle's PMM is the body control module (BCM). The PMM controls which power mode (Run, Accessory, Crank, Retained Accessory Power, or Off) is active.

On vehicles that have several control modules connected by serial data circuits, one module is the power mode master (PMM). On this vehicle, the PMM is the body control module (BCM). The PMM receives 3 discrete ignition switch signals to differentiate which power mode will be sent over the Serial Data circuits. The 3-wire Ignition Switch table below illustrates the state of these inputs in correspondence to the ignition switch position:
Relay Controlled Power Mode
The body control module (BCM) uses the discrete ignition switch inputs Off/Run/Crank, Accessory, and ignition 1, to distinguish the correct power mode. The ignition 1 circuit is also routed to the Run/Crank relay for relay controlled power feeds during the appropriate power mode. The BCM, after determining the desired power mode, will activate the appropriate relays for that power mode.

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