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Hello, Jo -

You will need to contact directly the company from which you placed your initial subscription for a skin care product. It was not Fixya, which is a website intended for asking and answering questions on how to go about REPAIRING THINGS.

Best wishes.

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P0108 - Barometric Pressure/Manifold Absolute Pressure (BARO/MAP) Sensor High Voltage Detected Description: Sensor operating voltage is greater than 5 volts (VREF). As a result it failed above the maximum allowable calibrated parameter. Possible Causes:
  • VREF shorted to VPWR.
  • MAP signal shorted to VPWR.
  • VREF should be less than 6.0 volts. The PID reading is in frequency/volts.
  • Open circuit.
Diagnostic Aids: VREF should be greater than 4.0 volts.
The PID reading is in frequency/volts. Application Key On Engine Off Key On Engine Running Continuous Memory Vehicles with an EGR system module (ESM) GO to DM1 GO to DM1 GO to DM13 All others GO to DM16 GO to DM16 GO to DM22
Circuit problem .Not sensor .

P0401 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Flow Insufficient Detected Description: The EGR system is monitored during steady state driving conditions while the EGR is commanded on. The test fails when the signal from the differential pressure feedback EGR (DPFEGR) sensor indicates that EGR flow is less than the desired minimum. Possible Causes:
  • Vacuum supply.
  • EGR valve stuck closed.
  • EGR valve leaks vacuum.
  • EGR flow path restricted.
  • EGRVR circuit shorted to PWR.
  • VREF open to DPFEGR sensor.
  • DPFEGR sensor downstream hose is off or plugged.
  • EGRVR circuit open to the PCM.
  • VPWR open to EGRVR solenoid.
  • DPFEGR sensor hoses are both off.
  • DPFEGR sensor hoses are reversed.
  • Damaged EGR orifice tube.
  • Damaged EGRVR solenoid.
Diagnostic Aids: Carry out the key on engine running (KOER) self-test and look for DTC P1408 as an indication of a hard fault. If P1408 is not present, look for contamination, restrictions, leaks, and intermittent faults. Application Key On Engine Off Key On Engine Running Continuous Memory Vehicles with an EGR system module (ESM) - - GO to HH15 All others - - GO to HE36
Clogged catalytic converter ?

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Hello, Cyndy -

I suggest you call the Hamilton Beach Customer Service department and ask your question. You will find the toll-free phone number here, at the bottom of the page:

You are probably not the only one who made the mistake you did.

Best wishes.

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Roku is an interesting media player; it streams the multiple types of data like audio, video, etc. at a time. Roku has many amazing features and thus many users were using Roku. Roku is an easy way to get entertained. It has many channels, shows and many events.
Roku Activation
    ·Activating your Roku device is an easy and step by step process. Follow the following procedures
    ·First Plug your Roku in power source and then connect it with HDMI port.
    ·Then select your preferred language and then go on with network configuration.
    ·Then proceed connecting your Link code with your Roku device
    ·After Roku Activation then Setup your device.
    ·After activation you can enjoy either free or paid channel.

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Library has safety first

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