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I had the same problem
on my brother MFC-9320CW
I set it up to work over wifi and it worked well for months then i started having issues one day (showing offline)
i had to restart the printer all the time to be able to print again (showing as Online).
but after 10 - 15 mins it lost connection again and I could not see it on network (PING IP)
I couldn't even web-interface to the printer in the browser using its IP address (** see below)
It appeared to point at a printer problem
I know this may seem strange but eventually my investigation came to finding that it was a router problem - well my router anyway.
It doesn't make sense i know - but it was definitely a bizarre router problem in my case.
After that i was able to web-interface to the printer
1. turn off your printer
2. restart your router
3. wait 2 mins
4 restart your printer
Also allows you to manage things at your machine
5. ** find out the IP address of the printer - either on the printer itself - menu>network>IP
ive setup my printer to be static IP so i always know what it is
OR If you know how to get into the control panel (web-interface) of your router then it will show active connections and IP addresses of equipment - including your brother printer
6. i use the web-interface as it immediately shows me if i have a dropped wifi problem--If the printers control panel is avalible in my browser then all is fine

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Find the Aspect ratio button on the TV remote. Press it a number of times to cycle through the options. Stop when the picture is the shape you want.

Have a read of your TV manual. Stuff like this is detailed in there...

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Hello - receives questions on how to go about repairing things from all over the world.

1. Your question does not fit the criteria for because you are not asking how to repair anything. Meaning: Unless your question is regarding how to REPAIR SOMETHING, it is not relevant to Fixya.

2. You do not indicate where (what country or region of a country) you reside.

All I can advise you is to ask your questions of a teacher or administrator at your current or former school (wherever that is.)

Best wishes.

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Make sure that it's powered on. If it is, then it sounds like it's not on your network. Run the setup program and enter your wifi network information into it, so that it gets on your network. If you've already done that, try power cycling the printer. I have to do that with my HP wifi printer every once in a while. When it goes to sleep it drops the connection.

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1. You should have your youtube account if your want to upload videos. If you still dont have one, you can register here.

2. Record a video using your videocam or your cellphone.

3. Then upload your video.

Its that easy. Good luck!

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Characters in literature are easier to relate to when they possess traits with which the reader may identify

Books | Answered 4 hours ago

buy a dewalt or milwaukee instead. no wobbles on either

Bosch Garden | Answered 4 hours ago

Which code open this game

Gameloft Asphalt... | Answered 4 hours ago

Because of the very high voltage on the output of the Inverter drive, I do not want to be responsible for your injury or death from you servicing this machine without proper training.

Hobart HL600... | Answered 5 hours ago

Sorry so late but the reason you need the kit is because the potentiometer (the knob that selects the time) is no longer part of the timer board.You need the pot,and board.I'm a hobart tech,if any other questions let me know.

Hobart A200... | Answered 5 hours ago

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If you have 24 VAC to the timer board and still have no display, then you need a new timer board.

Hobart H600... | Answered 5 hours ago

Hi,I need to get this precor inverter repaired 240v
How can you help ? TM5-015I-2N

Exercise &... | Answered 5 hours ago

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