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If your compressor is "locked up" there is no way to mechanically free it. The compressor will have to be replaced, a vacuum pulled on the system and new refrigerant put in the system. This is beyond the scope of the average do-it-yourselfer. I recommend taking it to a shop that does AC repair work.

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Yes, go to your insurance company's website.

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i would say go in the time menu - go time back 1 day before she had that problem. hopefully it helped greetings

Sage 50 ACT 2008... | Answered 19 minutes ago

One per head, so two of them.

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This is usually caused by the user not having full rights to the Data directory. right click on the data director select security and you can a click on users network logon and tick on full control

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It sounds as if flash or java have a problem, try updating both and then post the reults

Sage Instant... | Answered 25 minutes ago

I would say your headlights have burned out. Often times people will lose one and not notice until the other one also burns out. If you can get someone with a voltmeter to check at one headlight for 12-13.8 volts while the headlights are switched on. If voltage is present at the connector then the bulb is burned out most likely. I've seen this many times. Your high beams probably work.

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Need to know what version it is. You should get this before you are asked for an activation key

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So get in touch with Sage at

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Did you happen to find small pieces of plastic in the driver's floorboard? If so you unwittingly found the problem. The brake light switch is mounted so its plunger presses against a small plastic insert. The insert is pushed into a hole in the break pedal arm. When the brake is not depressed it rests the the upmost position so when the insert (when intact and unbroken) does the pushing up against the brake light switch plunger. Check the condition of the insert in the brake pedal arm and replace if necessary.

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